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Alexander’s Bridge by Willa Cather, Ch. 7

The day before his departure for
The thick air had cleared overnight in a strong wind which brought
When Bartley looked out of his windows from the Savoy, the river was flashing London had wakened to life after three
Bartley breakfasted hurriedly and went over
Then he paid his account and walked rapidly
His spirits rose with every step, and when he reached Trafalgar Square, blazing in the sun, with its fountains playing and its column reaching up into the bright

Googlism http://www.googlism.com/what_is/m/magic_carpet/ (I picked the ones I liked)

magic carpet is radio prague’s monthly music magazine that looks at music from czech
magic carpet is now ready for take off
magic carpet is a pop up gallery
magic carpet is about exactly what it sounds like
magic carpet is the fourth episode of the super mario bros
magic carpet is featured in the film the thief of bagdad
magic carpet is a superior way to move around in britannia
magic carpet is expensive and only the wealthy
magic carpet is being used less and less as a modern means of transport around uk cities
magic carpet is a flying item which has been made available in the past for a limited time in the cash shop or via other special events
magic carpet is so useful
magic carpet is a floating project always keeping us busy
magic carpet is vegetarian and they are also sensitive to vegan diets
magic carpet is a vehicle in the minigame random ride
magic carpet is in essence a free

1. Everything you hear for an hour
4/13/2011 6:47-7:47 PM

“well we did…”
door slam
“we’re ready!”
“Over there”
“Over here”
“I was going straight”
door opening
door creaking
wet footsteps
man speaking
door closing
plastic bag rustling
old woman talking
heels on a tile floor
“you gonna be alright?”
“Nice meeting you”
“you too”
heels on a tile floor
woman laughing
door closing
door closing
“maybe on this side”
door closing
man speaking
door opening
jacket sleeves rustling
door opening
“wait, I’m sorry”
keys jingling
“This is the way”
car honk
old women talking
“if you’re sleepy that helps”
Kermit the frog voice
“hey what’s your name?” (in kermit voice)
plastic bag rustling
“how’s it going man?”
how are you?
Pretty good
Plastic bag rustling
“Empty right now”
squeaking footsteps
shuffling footsteps
plastic bag rustling
footsteps going up wooden stairs
loud male laugh
deep male voice
door closing
“I’m sorry when I said hires…”
“Oh you too”
“Thank you”
keys jingling
“Jeremy? Jerry”
door closing
phone ringing
“right before”
“Oh she did?”
door closing
“you told me that”
“have a job”
“yeah, so”
squeaking footsteps
heeled footsteps
“Okay, take care it’s nice to meet you”
Can I sign out a practice room?
Hey how you doing
Did you just text me or did…?
Pardon me, are the bathrooms only on the second floor?
Excuse me, is the job fair over?
Clanging metal on metal (sautéing vegetables)
Jingling keys
Rolling wheels
“Give me an assignment”
“You comin from work?”
rolling wheels
heels on tile
“Why you talking so..”
Phone ringing
“She didn’t work with me!”
“What is, I mean, look”
jingling keys
“Stop on my way over”
“Aright. Tomorrow”
“Tomorrow? Friday”
“Or next week?”
heels on tile
“IS that bag too heavy?”
“No, it’s okay?”
“I don’t know”
“technically I would have 73 meal swipes and I know..”
Is the job fair still goin on?
On this side?
“I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I just sat there”
jingling keys
footsteps down stairs
lid closing
“Your school should be a little bit better”
“And then she got in and she went and then I was like I don’t want to be with you and then every week”
paper rustling
heels on tile
“he’s like”
“You made the right decision”
“yeah my mom told me”
“And I’m gonna need 60 thousand, and I’m gonna need that right now, in cash, and I’m like…”
“Are you hungry?”
“For the reception”
“You brought three tables over to Irvine”
“Do you have a rubber band you don’t need?
“Calm down, I’m gonna have to give you a sedative”
“Thank God I made it there,”
“Oh thank Allah, and Jesus and everyone else”
“Didn’t you love it?”
“Oh yes it was wonderful
“I forfeited my Chinese dinner for this and I’m glad”
“Oh, praise Allah”
“Do you know where the Rotunda is?”
“I’m just going around I guess’
“Do you have a stapler?
“Thank you!
“Well I got to meet…”
“That’s what I should’ve got”
door opening
“well you hear what I said?”
“IT was sick!”
“So are we done now?
“Is it pouring out?
“This is the first, what’d you say? Student hall?
“Right here, on this sign here. It says…
“You need to calm down, you’re making me nervous
“Let’s just go
“Right here, look! Right there. You’re gonna have to calm down before I…”
squeaking footsteps
jazzy music
wood on wood
muted tv voice (sports announcer?)
footsteps down stairs
door opening
plastic bag rustling
“You know what I’m tired?
“you’re nuts, you’re wandering around like a maniac
“you’re nuts”
“I was just looking around!”
door opening
“do you want this street?
I want this street
heels on tile
jazzy music
“Oh my god, I freaked out last night. I was looking through all the materials”
tv voice man
footsteps shuffling
cough cough
chair being pulled out
“Good evening”
door closing
plastic bag rustling
“Does he want..
“Yes, he says..”
“No it’s more…
cell phone ring
keys jingling
tv voices
“I think we do have to
“Excuse me, do you know where the meeting for the A-list planning committee will be?”
paper rustling
“Yeah, Houston Hall, right?
keys jingling
“do you want to call Gavin? HE texted it to me”
“here you go, thank you”
phone ringing
“OH that wasn’t a freeze”
“I don’t know”
metal on metal
loud footsteps
metal on metal
“Hey how’s it going?”
“Nice to meet you”
chair being pulled out
cart rolling
“So, so…”
“Ok so so it’s Fisher Bennett, inside Fisher,”
door closing
“And then outside Fisher and outside”
“yeah that’s
“Whats gonna go on the screen
TV voices
“Uh so just like random …
chair pulling out
heels on tile
“accessories, like trendy accessories”
“Um, like kind of like everyone’s almost like afraid…this web sustainable accessory and it’s like..”
more voices
“I don’t know, it was just kind of like..idk, it’s interesting”
“And now I’m done with that class, I mean the rest of the semester is we have to go and meet, I mean but like uh, a week of like we met for 3 hours ever night for the past 3 or 4 nights. Yeah I know. I had a…so yeah, so one class down…anyway, I have more meetings. Once I get past tomorrow and past fling nothings gonna be do for the next 3 weeks. Uh Friday? Saturday….worst things…I mean we’re mostly concerned with…”
shrill laughter
door opening
“which is always the case…can I have your tickets…brother or sister?”
“Hello, do you happen to know where the A-list committee is meeting?”
metal clanging
female laughter
phone ring

Short-form Cento

Kick in the Heart of 1926 American Poetry

Make sure they hear you cry like
All the wars ahead, and R. whatever
It is, it must have a sequence of rhythms
Bound for the porchlight coming on
again, like the shark it contains a shoe. Take
someone else’s voice and touch their ears.
A phonograph is playing Ja-Da. It must
Swim for miles through the desert on
Body rags, the dragonfly war of neighbors,
Mapped and marred, uttering cries
That are almost human.

“The Sad and Damp Gatekeepers, Alone”

My father says I was born to translate the
Small and growing energies of dirt and rot
And its kissing cousin the waking dream. I
Think the whole place is about to come down,
My father says that cactus needles fly to dream
And have begun reclining underneath a tree:
At night of moving, unaccountably sad like
little ponds around the room. But I dream
also of the pine grove of my planting, sun-bleached
and beautiful as curved jewelry. I wonder if I’ll
remember it? The tumbleweed listening to a cricket
wherever we care to look, whenever we do.
And we do. I loved the helpless people I
Loved them each day for one whole season. Now
That’s what a little boy will, do, mournful and reluctant
To do much in the way a crow gliding over the ravine
Was my homemade banjo in the fire, the heartwood,
Meaning, as I take it, at the wood they
thought they were ready to cross.

Short Lines

on the screen
on the desk.
Rings of coffee
Olympic rings
Olympic-sized rings
Olympic-sized swimming pools
Swimming pools of

V. Hay(na)Ku

Is how
Eddie said “Hannah”


Sugar, Eggs
Make a cake


Yellow, Red
Go, slow, stop


I, Did
I read this

Or did
I create it?

No thing
Has been uncreated.



1. Always bold, careless death
Edges forth, growing haughty
Inside jeweled keepsakes.
Looks may never open power,
Question reason, sever truth,
Usurp valor. Why Xerxes?
Young zealots.

2. Zeal yellows Xeroxed wafers
valued under thirty-six rightly quoted
prayers. Our newly materialized lust
kept Jacobinized inside hardened glass,
forever embalmed, darkening clouded
beginnings again.


The dog chews his bone loudly while the cat watches and stares while upstairs the woman stares at her sleeping child whose chest rises and falls like the bread rising in the oven like the temperature rising outside that melts the snowbanks into puddles in which the children splash like the coffee splashes out of the man’s cup when he sets it on the table forcefully like the old woman who is talking to the solicitor on the phone and the solicitor, who is used to being spoken to forcefully, taps her foot like the click-clack-shuffle-ball-change steps of her daughter in the dance studio across town like the supermarket cashier shuffling change like the way the leaves signal a season’s change while the lines on our faces signal that we have changed even though the dog continues to chew his bone, loudly.


This could get personal. Like where’s the line between my real thoughts and what I’m filtering out? I had a wild dream last night but I forgot to write it down or maybe it wasn’t a dream but anyway but anyway I took my shirt off, maybe I was hot but then I felt vulnerable. Emily used to sleep naked in our room freshman year other people thought it was weird but I tried not to say too much and what if my thoughts are pictures—how am I supposed to record those? Now my hand is tired. Bebe wrote an essay last semester about this. I need to stop ouch.

Museum Poem

Dollar & Yuan

At a distance, I am him.
A powerful man, a legend.
A symbol, a color, a worth.
A number. Interchangeable,
anonymous, nameless,
faceless. I am Xiao Li
and Li You. I am John Smith
and Jane Doe. I am just
another grain of sand.

But up close, I am a woman,
a child. I am a face.
I have two sons and a dog
named Sam. I am allergic
to peanuts and I have
secrets and friends and a house
in Chicago and one in Shanghai.
I have a birthmark on my right hand.
I grow purple plants in my
flowerboxes. My name is
Bai Yilou, but you may call me

Acrostic chance

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

easier to trace the source of this particular specimen, but in practice it was an impossible task.

gloves, that there would be no fingerprints on the frame or the glass.
read the judgment, he felt a growing heaviness and discomfort in his stomach.
logic dubbed them the Donald Duck Gang.


easier to trace the source of this particular specimen, but in practice it was an impossible task.

drew on his pipe
read the judgment, he felt a growing heaviness and discomfort in his stomach.
gloves, that there would be no fingerprints on the frame or the glass.
on the courthouse steps?
nickname began to fade, but he still cringed if ever the name was used in his hearing

on the courthouse steps?
on the courthouse steps?